Hughes HR10-250 Tivo DirecTV High Definition Satellite Receiver

The HR10-250 has been extremely hard to find online and in stores. This website will serve as place to obtain current and future availability of these units.

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DIRECTV programming, HD output and TiVo all from one source? You got it. Have your cake and eat it too with this irresistible package that redefines the television experience.

High-definition digital DIRECTV TV receiver combined with TiVo digital video recorder.

250GB hard drive lets you record up to 30 hours of DIRECTV high-definition programming or up to 200 hours of standard-definition programming

Pause live TV up to 30 minutes then pick up where you left off.

HR10-250 Product Features

  • Selectable output format (1080i, 720p or 480p/i) is compatible with any TV
  • Dual tuners let you record 2 shows simultaneously; or watch a show while recording a different one
  • Quad tuner design with 2 DTV tuners and 2 ATSC tuners
  • Theater-quality sound with Dolby Digital 5.1 technology
  • Use rewind, instant replay and slow-motion effects on live or recorded TV
  • Organize your recorded material with the Now Playing List feature
  • Season Pass automatically records every episode of a specified program even if the date and timeslot change
  • WishList finds shows based on your favorite actors, teams or hobbies such as Hydroponics
  • Advanced Program Guide lets you browse the upcoming listings
  • Hughes HR10-250Multiple screen formats: standard, letterbox, panorama
  • Fully compatible with DVI interface signaling
  • Video outputs: HDMI digital interface, component, S-video and composite
  • Audio outputs: HDMI, SPIDIF optical, 2-channel analog, serial and IR
  • 36-key IR remote
  • DIRECTV activation and subscription are required within 30 days of purchase.

HR10-250 Product Manual

Have questions about the capabilities or features of this unit? Download the manul by clicking on the link below:

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